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Is your IT environment vulnerable?

In today's highly connected world we can no longer consider IT security an afterthought. No matter what market we find ourselves in, small or large, audit regulations affect the way we carry out business transactions with customers and other corporations. Those regulations often require the services of a highly trained penetration tester to vet and give evidence of the stability of the IT environment.

Our seasoned staff of certified penetration testers can assist in vetting your network's security posture and recommend areas where improvement might be necessary. Whether your needs are audit related (PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.) or you are concerned for your brand name and / or customer loyalty due to an insecure IT environment, we can help by conducting a penetration test combining cutting edge commercial and open source tools, as well as over a decade of ethical hacking experience to give you the peace of mind you need.

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What Is Penetration Testing?

Simply put, it is an attack on a computer system with the intention of finding security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to it, its functionality and data. It is performed by an ethical hacker in a controlled environment.

What Questions Does a Penetration Test Answer?

What are Some Common Objectives of a Penetration Test?

What is the Penetration Testing Process of Caesium55?

  1. Reconnaissance
    Identification of all system, data, and network components that fall within scope of the penetration test.
  2. Enumeration
    Determination of application and network level services in operation for all identified assets.  This includes a port scan of all 65,536 (including port 0) TCP and UDP ports of assets that fall within scope.
  3. Research and Evaluation
    Determination of the vulnerabilities, bugs and configuration concerns with all systems. Flaws identified in any of these three areas can lead to system compromise.
  4. Penetration Testing Analysis
    For each issue or concern identified above, we escalate, validate and then determine the impact of these on your network. This is used to develop findings along with impact descriptions and recommendations that take into account your individual business and network environment. i.e. throw away the false positives and create an actionable penetration testing report.
  5. Reporting
    Findings are consolidated into a professional report that can be provided for audit purposes or distributed internally to remediate issues.
  6. Repetition
    Caesium55 feels strongly that the job isn’t complete until all findings are remediated.  We will work with your IT team to ensure that all findings are remediated and will re-assess your environment, targeting the initial findings, to ensure that the holes have been fixed.


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