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"Wisdom oft times consists of knowing what to do next." - Herbert Hoover

Our mission is to help our clients better understand their customers, prospects, competition and opportunities.

We are a full service marketing research firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our focus is assisting clients with planning their marketing strategies, conducting marketing research studies and evaluating levels of customer service and satisfaction.

We work with our clients to help them understand their customer's needs, wants, desires, habits, opinions and criticisms.

We provide our clients an insight into how they are doing and how they can become better.

We collaborate with every client in a partnership to develop an approximate mix of research methods to assist them in improving how they do business and how they can reach their strategic goals for future growth.

We help our clients bring the voice of the customer into the boardroom, help study the competitive landscape of a given industry and implement strategic planning. By taking valuable information and turning it into ideas, we help various businesses operate as efficiently as possible.

We have extensive experience providing answers for leaders in many industries and offer personalized hands on service for clients worldwide.

We offer several specialized research methods to help clients gain a strategic marketing edge, including but not limited to: Focus Groups, Survey Research and Mystery Shopping. Our goal is to present the findings from the research in easily understood formats.