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Focus Groups
The Focus Group is a qualitative market research method in which a group of participants of common demographic, attitudes or purchase patterns are led through a discussion on a particular topic by a trained moderator. Focus groups help companies gain an immediate, in-depth understanding of their customer's perceptions, feelings, opinions and attitudes.

One-On-One Interviews
Similar to a Focus Group, however the moderator interviews only one participant at a time.

Executive and Professional Telephone Interviews
Respondents are recruited and scheduled to participate in an in-depth interview via telephone. Trained professional interviewers are utilized to ensure respondent answers and opinions will be objectively and accurately reported without bias, and do not allow for additional probing on answers that are most critical to the client.

Telephone Surveys
Telephone interviewers focus the discussion to specific questions without leading responses to ensure the respondents answers and opinions will be objectively and accurately reported without bias.

Web Based Surveys
Web Based surveys help customers gain valuable information regarding various topics along with the ability to measure performance and customer satisfaction. Web based surveys are a highly effective way to reach consumers on line.

Intercept Surveys
These surveys involve positioning interviewers at specific locations, typically retail stores or shopping malls. Professional interviewers utilize questionnaires on specific topics regarding the participant's experiences and perceptions.

Mail Surveys
Mail Surveys are used for gathering large samples from specific populations such as customers or prospects. In addition to gathering information, the Mail Survey can communicate various messages including: introducing new products and services from the company.

Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping is a research method used to gather information on the front line, which can be used as a marketing and training tool to help ensure that a company's service and operational objectives are being carried out on the front line.